Category: Islamic Stories for Kids

Kids are “learning machine” and for better learning they can be taught Islamic Stories. Our blog aims to write islamic bedtime stories for kids, islamic stories for kids about prophets, islamic stories in urdu, islamic stories with morals, islamic true stories, islamic short stories in urdu, islamic stories online, islamic stories for children etc.

Why Stories? Because Kids listen Stories better than anything and you teach them many things like ethics, honesty, humility, Truthfulness, Values, Suunah, Duas, Justice, Kindness, Moral Integrity, Sense of Humor, Intelligence and Passion etc.

The Stories which were told to kids by parents directly create great engagement between parents and children which enable children to Ask questions directly from the parents.

Stories give better learning and understanding of Life concept in the most convenient way. You can also submit voluntarily your well-written Islamic Stories for us.